15 Practical last minute gift ideas

Stop stressing about gifts this year. Here are 15 ideas your friends and family will appreciate.

1. Coffee grinder + 1 bag of whole flax seeds + 1 bag of raw cacao nibs

An extra coffee grinder in the house dedicated to seeds/nibs makes life so much easier. Whole flax seeds can be found at every grocery store. Cacao nibs are stocked at most health food stores, TJMaxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.

2. Nut milk bag + raw almonds + raw cashews

I’d give a big hug and kiss to my friends for this gift. Nuts are so darn expensive and they go quickly.  

3. Yogurt maker + nondairy yogurt starter

It’s practically impossible to find store-bought yogurt without crazy added ingredients and dairy free. A basic yogurt maker starts at $25 and starters can found online, or a health food store. Bacillus Bulgaricus offers a free yogurt making handbook with a purchase of their starters. WellsofHealth, on Etsy, sells a wide selection of highly rated starters.

**wink wink to my friends who are reading this** 

4. Movies

Environmental activists have produced incredible movies in the last couple of years. With Hollywood heavyweights getting involved in spreading awareness the movies are highly entertaining, inspiring and educational. Short list of movies: Cowspiracy, PlantPure Nation, Racing Extinction, Consumed

5. Spices

Spice up your foodie’s kitchen. An easy purchase at your local grocery store, or check out Savory Spice Shop, for their wide selection of gift packages.

6. A week of groceries

Everyone would love free food, plus you never know if someone is struggling. Lots of stores offer delivery services, or the good-old gift card will do.

7. Essential oils + diffuser

Essential oils are super popular right now. Your friends will love this. There are several sources for therapeutic grade oils on the market: Doterra, Rocky Mountain, or my personal favorite- Loving Scents, a local store in Greensboro, NC.

8. Cookbook

Always a great gift for food lovers. A few options released in 2015: Homemade Vegan Pantry, Crossroads,  Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen.

9. Subscription to cooking magazine

Check out the magazine Naked Food, which is dedicated to whole food plant based dishes. The pictures are totally drool-worthy.

10. Cooking classes

Check your local community college for adult courses, cooking school or online courses with Rouxbe.

11. Seeds

What can be more appropriate for the gardener in your life? 

12. Slow cooker + Fresh from the Slow Cooker cookbook by Robin Robertson

Slow cookers start at $30, so you don't have to break the bank. Pairing it with a cookbook is a perfect complete gift.

13. Pressure cooker + Vegan Pressure Cooking cookbook by J.L Fields

Instapots are highly sought after by foodies. Starting around $100, they aren't the most affordable gifts, but a great option if you have the means. Include J.L. Field's cookbook and you're good to go!

14. Fun kitchen gadgets and tools

Can you ever have enough gadgets in the kitchen? Check out kits for canning, or fermenting for the DIY foodie. For Small Hands has a wide selection of Montessori-based cooking tools for kids.

15. Family goals poster for 2016

On the heels of the mega-popular documentary Racing Extinction, sit down with your family to come up with actions you can take to tackle your carbon footprint. The best part about this is it’s free and provides a bonding opportunity for your family to work on a project together. Who know what kind of creative ideas you’ll come up with? Start a worm farm? Bike more often? Eat fewer animal foods? Join a cooking/gardening club?

Put your goals on a display board at home as a constant reminder for you and inspire your guests to change their habits too.