Career opportunities in the plant based food scene

Some lucky ducks are gifted with having careers they love, but they don’t always start that way.  As awareness of the health benefits from eating plants spreads like wildfire many people are changing career paths to participate. Entrepreneurs are developing new products catering to new  tastes, educators are helping inform the public, more vegan restaurants are opening, and the internet is abuzz new websites sharing recipes.

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Stress free kids lunch ideas

Congratulations fellow parents! We've made it through the summer. Somewhere between the last day of school, camp fires and beach vacations the summer flew by and it's time to send our kids off to school again. A collective celebratory dance is in order. The only caveat is having to make a healthy lunch for the kiddos during the morning rush.

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School Gardens: A Growing Trend to Get Kids to Eat Better

In a sea of dismal health statistics it can often seem the cards are stacked high against parents who are trying to instill healthy eating habits in their kids. The current landscape of nutritional void is too big of a problem for parents to navigate alone. 

At every point of contact with food our kids are bombarded with messages to consume more sugar and processed food. TV commercials, restaurants, school cafeterias and social events reaffirm the new norm: faux food is in, real food is out.

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WTF do Vegans eat???

The assumption is always the same: fake meat and cheese, grass, which all tastes like cardboard. Basically, bland and boring food. Besides, who in their right mind would give up steak for tofurky!?!?

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Simple Guide to Juicing

Juicing, and in particular green juices, are very popular right now. I’m definitely on the juicing bandwagon. I like to keep my juices simple with the least amount of ingredients as possible. It takes long enough to prep the vegetables and clean the juicer afterwards that coming up with complicated combinations is a hassle. 

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